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Facebook marketing tips | Tips for unsigned artists


We know how hard it can sometimes be as an unsigned artist to get your music properly out there. There’s only so much you can do to promote your music to new listeners, and even that can be a struggle. But there are certain things you can do to give your whole brand awareness and views that extra boost, such as using the power of social media.

Facebook is just one of the many platforms you can be using to boost your brand awareness. We’ve put together our top Facebook marketing tips for unsigned artists.


Create a Facebook page

Setting up a Facebook page really doesn’t take long. Not only does it give you a more professional image, but it gives you access to so many more features on Facebook. For example, Facebook Adverts – which we’ll explain properly further down the blog.

Another great thing about having a Facebook page is that you can see how well your page is performing through the ‘Insights’ tab. It gives you detailed insights into stats such as your page likes, video views, post likes, comments, and so on.

Invite your friends to like your page

The next step from here is to invite your friends to like your page. You can do this really easily through the Facebook Pages Manager app on your phone. Just make sure not to invite too many people to like your page at once otherwise Facebook could suspend your account!

Share your Facebook page

Support really does go a long way. When you set up your Facebook page, ask everybody you know to share it! Share the posts from your Facebook page on your personal Facebook and other social media accounts, and encourage your friends to do the same – the power of support makes such a difference.Facebook live

Try out Facebook Live

If you haven’t tried out Facebook Live, then you really need to. Have you ever received a Facebook notification saying that someone you know is ‘going live’? That’s because Facebook are pushing people towards their video service, so your Facebook Live video is more likely to show up in other people’s’ news feeds.

This means that when you go live, you have a much higher chance of getting likes, comments and general engagement – which is all great for your brand awareness. Whilst you’re live, don’t forget to encourage your viewers to like, comment and share.

Invest in Facebook Adverts

If you can afford it, and know how to do it right, then Facebook Adverts can be a really worthwhile investment. You can pay, from £1 upwards, to promote your message to a specific audience of your choice. With the Ads Manager tool you can view your page audience in depth, create adverts to boost anything from your page likes to clicks to a link of your choice, and view in-depth reports of your adverts.

You can also ‘boost’ any of your posts from your Facebook page. This means that you can put in any chosen amount of money to ‘boost’ your post to an audience of your choice. You can customise an audience based on an endless list of factors including anything from location or age to whether they’re friends with someone who has a birthday in the next week.


Social media really can be a great tool for unsigned artists to help promote your music. But these are just some of the many things you can be doing with Facebook. Just think what you could be doing on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on!

If you’re wanting someone more experienced to help setting up your Facebook page or any other social media music promotion then why not get in touch with us at First Media TV on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

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