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YouTube marketing tips | Tips for unsigned artists


As an unsigned artist, there are three main channels for directly uploading your music: YouTube, Soundcloud and online stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or Amazon Music.

YouTube in particular has been one of these main channels for a long time, with the first ever YouTube video going live in 2005. Since then, popular music channels such as SBTV, Link Up TV and ourselves at First Media TV have been helping unsigned artists film and promote their music videos via their YouTube channels.

In this blog, we’re going to give you some of our top YouTube marketing tips.


Film professional music videos

Our most important piece of advice for YouTube marketing is to invest in professional music videos. Poor quality videos can really impact your image and reputation, and people may not be as inclined to watch a full video if it’s their first time listening to you. No matter who films your video or where you record your track, you need to make sure both the video and audio quality is professional. If you can’t afford to film videos as regularly as you’d like, then you could always release the track on Soundcloud instead. If you’re looking for someone to film your music video, or a studio to record your track then why not get in touch with us at First Media TV for a full price list via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Upload tracks to established YouTube channels

Once you’ve filmed your music video, you need to consider your options for where to upload it. Unless you have a large fan base already, then we would recommend uploading it to an established YouTube music channel such as First Media TV, Link Up TV or SBTV. Different channels charge different prices for uploading your video, but certain channels also upload your videos for free if they’re of good enough quality.

Try a mix of freestyles and music videos

If you’re really wanting to reach new audiences on YouTube, then you should consider trying a mixture of freestyle videos and music videos. Not everyone likes only watching music videos, just like not everyone likes only watching freestyles. Freestyle series such as Heat Sessions, Warm Up Sessions and #MicCheck are just some that you could try to feature on. It could also help to try and feature on a variety of these music YouTube channels. But it’s important to not just record a video on a channel once and then never go on it again – unless you have a bad experience with them of course – as people are more likely to listen to you if they’ve seen one of your videos before.

Create your own YouTube channel

When you’ve built up a sizeable audience, it could be good to consider creating your own YouTube channel. You should be careful about doing this too early, as if you make this mistake then your videos are only going to be reaching your current supporters rather than new audiences.

But if you build up a large subscriber base and regularly receive high numbers of views, then you can start earning money from adverts on your videos. YouTube pays a small amount of money to your channel every time someone watches an advert before your video. Just to note, you won’t be able to monetise certain videos if they have copyrighted music in them. Even if you do have thousands of subscribers to your own YouTube channel, it can be useful to upload the odd video to one of the established music YouTube channels we mentioned earlier. Simply because they constantly receive new subscribers – all potential new supporters of your music.


Once you implement these tips, you should be able to see that YouTube really can be a great platform to share your music videos to. From here, you can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote your videos. Make sure you stay up to date with the First Media TV Blog for more marketing tips on Soundcloud, Facebook, and some of the other popular social media platforms.

If you’re wanting someone more experienced to help with any of your music promotion on social media or YouTube then why not get in touch with us at First Media TV on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

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