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Lock Down Leeds – Man Are Not Ready


First Media TV presents to you “Lock Down Leeds – Man Are Not Ready”.

SoundCloud Link – Coming 27th December

Great thing will always happen working as one! This project has been another exciting one!

Beat Prod. & Song Recorded by – First Media TV
Song Mixed and Master by – Recky
Artists Logos – Luca
Directed by Ace & Joshua Schmidt

Thank you to all the 8 Artists that took part in this video & also our special guests & guests.

Temz – (Twitter)@jasontem07, (Insta)@jasontem07 (Snapchat) @jasontem07, (Facebook) Jason Temuna
Greezy – (Twitter)@greezy0113, (Insta)@N/A, (Snapchat) @sleeds7, (Faceboook) sean Ruben martial prince
Keekz –
Glitch – (Twitter)@G1itch251qumar, (Insta)@G1itch251, (Snapchat) @qumarminz, (Facebook)Qumar Frederick
AJ – (Twitter) da1andonlyaj (Snap)itzalecjunior (Insta)da1andonlyaj
Stormah – (Twitter) @strmh1, (Insta)@strmh, (Snapchat) @strmh
Acce – (Snapchat)@bmleedz, (facebook) BM Leedz, (insta) barneymguni
Revz -(snapchat) @brown_skin113, (insta)@vumguni, (facebook) @Vu Mguni

This project was created & funded by First Media TV.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/H–footDrZo” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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