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New Music Friday 2021 – Week 1


New Music Friday

Welcome to our weekly newsletter of “New Music Friday”! As always we will be picking artists we think you should hear from with their latest single.


For 6 years now, there has been ups and downs when it comes to consistency in the Leeds music scene, there are different types of artists e.g., drill artists and overall artists that can do anything and one of them is Notez.

Notez recently dropped a project called “For You, for I, for Us” with heartfelt tunes such as So Far and Nights Like This.

He has proved himself as an artist and not just a rapper by showing his melodic side and does not shy away from expressing himself through his music, so you also get to know what he is going through in that moment.

He has also dropped a Hoods Hottest not long ago and just a week ago, he dropped an insane visual for his latest single Safehouse.

Music Video


Another artist from the Leeds scene that has been consistent through the years is Jamzy. Jamzy is known for his poetic lyrics but its also balanced with deep messages and sometimes humour.

Jamzy has been dropping tunes back-to-back for a while now with tracks such as “Late Nightfilled with sensual lyrics yet his delivery on this song is unmatched (available on Spotify) one of his underrated tunes is the most recent one which is called Stories from the 12 where he talks about his plans, where he is heading, his past relationships which he talks about and making amends.

This song is worth listening to and hope nothing bus success for these two-great artists.

Music Video

We hope you liked this weeks song selection, as we are excited to see more talented and hardworking artists. Please tune in next week for our next edition of New Music Friday!

If you would like a chance to feature on our weekly “New Music Friday” blog series, please send an enquiry via submission@firstmediatv.co.uk with the title “New Music Friday”.


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