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New Music Friday 2021 – Week 2


New Music Friday

Welcome to our weekly newsletter of “New Music Friday”! As always we will be picking artists we think you should hear from with their latest single.


For a while now the music scene in Leeds have been lacking the sound and lyrical content from the women. But quite a few stand out and one of them is the talented ‘Laeeqa’.

She has continued to be consistent for the past few years and continues to show her audience and the whole city why she is not just in the female category when it comes to music, but she is here and fully loaded, ready to take over the music industry if she continues to stay focused and works on her craft and which she is.

She is also a dancer, which shows that she can clearly do anything and has all the tools a talented singer needs e.g., appeal, charisma and fashion sense. Her recent song ‘Reflection’ is out on Spotify and it has the commercial feel to it with touching lyrics, worth the listen. Also check out her live performance for ‘Remedies’ out on YouTube.

Music Video


90s is a smooth/ edgy artist that also hails from Leeds and has never failed to elevate as an artist and is due to be one of the biggest names coming out of the UK.  He can potentially become one of the first musicians to go far in the business side of the music industry since he is also carrying his label ‘iogbrecords’ which stands for ‘it only gets better’ and indeed, him and his team keep getting better with each song they drop.

I wish nothing but success for the man and his team and I believe big things are coming his way. Down below is one of his singles that is doing great, you will not be disappointed.


Music Video

We hope you liked this weeks song selection, as we are excited to see more talented and hardworking artists. Please tune in next week for our next edition of New Music Friday!

If you would like a chance to feature on our weekly “New Music Friday” blog series, please send an enquiry via submission@firstmediatv.co.uk with the title “New Music Friday”.


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