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New Music Friday 2021 – Week 3


New Music Friday

Welcome to our weekly newsletter of “New Music Friday”! As always we will be picking artists we think you should hear from with their latest single.


2milly is a group that have been making a lot of noise lately, they have managed to attract the city with not only their lyrics but their charisma.

Although they might also be controversial in Leeds, the group have managed to not let any negativity stop them aiming to dominate the whole scene with their lyrical content.

Down below is their track that has been making waves all over the city and I wish nothing but success for all these artists and hope we all flourish together as one.

Music Video


The next artist that deserves his flowers is Sengi, he has proved himself and everyone else in the city how passionate he is when it comes to music and is not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Sengi has tracks such as “Less Talk, More Action” where he delivers countless punchlines and although he is known for his slick wordplay, he keeps improving every time and has been consistent with his freestyles on Instagram which also makes him stand out from everyone else in the scene because he continues to show his supporters that he is still around and consistently proves us why he is one of the coldest rapper/artist from Leeds.


Music Video

We hope you liked this weeks song selection, as we are excited to see more talented and hardworking artists. Please tune in next week for our next edition of New Music Friday!

If you would like a chance to feature on our weekly “New Music Friday” blog series, please send an enquiry via submission@firstmediatv.co.uk with the title “New Music Friday”.


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